January 14, 2015

Wednesday Wisdom No. 2

musical rainbow
See original "Wednesday Wisdom" post here

"God's mercies don't come in one color; no, they come in every shade of every color of the rainbow of his grace.  God's mercies are not the sound of one instrument; no, they sound the note of every instrument of his grace.  God's mercy is general; all of his children bask in His mercy.  God's mercy is specific; each child receives the mercy that is designed for his or her particular moment of need.  God's mercy is predictable; it is the fountain that never stops flowing.  God's mercy is unpredictable; it comes to us in surprising forms.  God's mercy is a radical theology, but it is more than a theology; it is life to all who believe.  God's mercy is ultimate comfort, but it is also a call to a brand new way of living.  God's mercy really does change everything forever, for all upon whom this mercy is bestowed." ~ Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies

This has been a great devotional thus far - I started it a few weeks ago, and can already predict that you'll see many Wednesday Wisdom posts taken from this book...


  1. Very true Indeed!! This reminds me of the book we are reading as a session "For God so loved He gave".

  2. snap. i'm following your blog. photography & truth? yes, please!!!