August 5, 2009

Deja - vu

I just unpacked from camp, and I'm already packing for vacation! I've also been making a lot of crafts too. Just like my last post. Weird. Anyways, I've had a few crafting successes, and a few crafting mishaps. Here is one of the mishaps.

For this craft, I used a circular hole punch to cut circles out of paint chips from several different home improvement stores. Long story short - Two years ago when I re-did my room, I wanted it to be teal. (It used to be a little boy's room- with yellow on the top half of the wall, blue on the bottom half, and a thin line of teddy bear wall paper in the middle. Yuck!) So we went to the store and got a whole bunch of teal paint chips, (which may not have been the best idea, considering I am usually indecisive.) After I had re-done my room, I still had all the paint chips, so I decided to make something with them. I was planning on sewing a few chains of circles together and hanging them over my door. It didn't work out because my sewing machine, doesn't work very well. The back kept getting knotted, making big loops everywhere. Now onto the crafts that worked out better.

The next thing I made was an i-Pod case. Actually more like a purse. It looks like a case for an i-Pod nano, but I actually made it for an i-Pod shuffle, which is smaller. It would need to be longer for a nano. The idea for the straps came from Amy Karol's book Bend the Rules of Sewing.

Everything is slightly different than in the book, (the size obviously being one thing.) I made it 3 in. by 2 1/2 in, but I wish I had made it a little bit bigger. The ear buds don't fit in it very well.

I did have to hand stitch the top edge, which was kind of a pain, but overall it is a very easy project. I am definitely not an experienced sewer. I could even mess up a straight line! Here is one other project a little bit like this one, which I actually did a long time ago.

The blue and green tie dyed fabric that you see in the picture above actually continues in the back, down to the bottom. What is seen a flap that goes over the bag.

(This is the back.)

In the photograph below, I used another piece of fabric in the middle of the strap because it wasn't quite long enough.

The i-Pod case that I made is just two rectangles sewed up at the sides. This bag has sides and a bottom, even though it may not look like it does in the photographs.