January 5, 2015

Photography Bucket List

Bucket lists.  Everyone has one whether they know it or not.  Maybe you have a meticulous, footnoted, mile-long checklist extensively detailing the adventures you plan to embark, the people you hope to meet, and the "big things" you plan to accomplish.  Or perhaps - if you're at all like me - you've never penned more than a few words on the occasional post-it note.  Chances are, most of your dreams are written solely in the pages of your imagination.  Maybe you'd even prefer to keep it that way.  But sometimes...articulating those dreams can get you one step closer to achieving them.

Ever since receiving my first digital camera in junior-high, I've been in love with photography.  In recent years however, my poor little camera has been sitting by its lonesome in my closet.  So in this case, I've created a subject-specific bucket list: a 2015 photography bucket list.  Every two months I hope to initiate a photography project!  Feel free to join me if you like! 

January/February: A to Z Macro
March/April: A Day in the Life
May/June: Alien Object
July/August: Scavenger Hunt
September/October: Fairy Tale
November/December: Floor Scenes

More details to come on each project.  For now I just wanted to give you an overview.  When you've been absent from the blogging world for as long as I have sometimes what you need is a motivating project (or two or three or six...) to light your fire.

You can see my letter "A" photograph for the first project above.  Original, right?

As a side note, the photo quality on my blog is not the best, so please feel free to click on my photos - this will take you to a better version on Flickr.

Thanks for reading!    


  1. Love your ideas for photo projects. Inspiring. And, your pictures are gorgeous

  2. Thank you! As I said, sometimes a list of fun projects can be very motivating when it comes to picking up the camera... Thanks so much for stopping by!