October 17, 2011

Bird Watching

swooping swiftly
from the pale
and cloudless sky
a jay alights
upon the ground.
robed in a lustrous coat
of royal blue
glowing aqua
and frosty white
accented with
bold black details.
its slender gray talons
grasp the splintery surface.
its gracefully-shaped beak
and regal tufted crown
add to the splendor
of this elegant-looking bird.
but exquisite beauty
can be...deceiving.
its pleasing looks veil its
heart of greed.
in contemplation
its small dark eyes
do seem rather shady
and everyone knows
beady eyes belong only
to crooks.
a short poem by a little sparc

Note: My"Words from A-Z" project is temporarily "on hold." Been quite busy lately, and haven't had much time for Dictionary skimming. Will try to resume soon.