May 1, 2012

Some More Poetry - "Moon"

For this post, I have written a Tanka, which, in Japanese means "short poem."  In the book, Rip the Page!, the author presents a format for writing a Tanka:

Line 1: Name an object from nature (moon, mountain, sun, river, tree, cloud...).
Line 2: Choose 3 words that describe your object.
Line 3: What does you object do? or how does your object move?
Line 4: Where is your object in time and space?  Be as specific as you can.
Line 5: What do you have that your object doesn't have: no  ______, no  ______, no  ______.


shimmering, glowing, ethereal
casts its misty rays of silver upon the sleepy lands and restless seas
a pearly white marble suspended in a world of darkness
no heart, no mind, no time even to soak up the sunshine

A tanka by a little sparc


  1. Very nice.

    I like the bit about the sunshine. The moon is all about reflecting not absorbing.

  2. I like the personification of the last line. Very talented!