July 27, 2010

A Really "Fun" Weekend

Weekends are so much "fun" when you have a cold. Headaches, sneezes and coughs abundant enough to supply you for the whole year. Such fun! Runny noses, requiring half the tissues in your house. What glee!

Since I haven't (cough, sniff) been out of the house for a while, I have been occupying myself with reading Pride and Prejudice...

And having a little fun with Photoshop Elements. Recently I have been trying some new effects on my photographs, such as emphasizing an object by making it in color and the rest of the image in black and white...

And some artistic effects such as making silhouette-like outlines.

1 comment:

  1. Glad your 'fun' weekend is over and you're feeling better...but how about something new?