July 4, 2010


My blog has never quite lived up to the phrase on my header, "endless creativity." I should really rewrite it to say, "creativity that seems to have ended." But even that phrase wouldn't be accurate. I am writing a creative post right now! But all this is besides the point.

The photograph above is my idea for a "look-alike" scene. There are a series of picture books entitled "Look-Alikes" that are actually quite fascinating. The books are made up of photographs of everyday objects arranged into different scenes. There are parks, shops houses, and even some famous structures like the Eiffel Tower.

My photo is of a little bedroom. If you look closely, you will probably recognize some objects. The mattress is a journal, with little cotton balls for the pillows.

a thimble wastebasket...

a spool of thread for the table, a playing card for the rug, buttons and an acorn cap for the lamp...

Mary Cassatt stamps---uh... I mean "paintings" for the graph "wallpaper"...

a sweet little stamp card (with a little trick inside)...

and lastly a mirror on the wall. Is there anything odd about this photo?


  1. Very cool! I used to make mini doll houses (for like 4 inch dolls) but I'd make them look more like real houses. I remember what fun it was. Shall have to do it again.

    1. Oops - sorry I missed your comment! I'll have to figure out how to turn notifications "on." This was my first attempt at this sort of thing, so it wasn't the most refined... Really was so much fun though! And your tiny dollhouses sound very neat! Actually, this past year for my mom's birthday my younger brother and I collaborated on a project very similar to this one...except it was a little restaurant scene. Turned out a bit better! ;)