February 17, 2010

Valentine Sweets - Beautiful, Edible, Love - able!

Happy (late) Valentine's Day to everyone in blogland!

I was pleasantly surprised when I received some flowers from my parents! Some miniature roses and whitish-yellow lilies (they hadn't bloomed yet in the photograph.

A few days before Valentine's Day, I attempted to make some 'lacy chocolate hearts' to 'place daintily on little cupcakes.' In the Martha Stewart Living magazine, there was this really fantastic looking cupcake with a little chocolate heart on top. It looked relatively simple, so I decided to try it.

They worked relatively well, except that they began to melt after they were taken out of the fridge. There was a lot left over, so a made a ginormous chocolate heart!

This year for Valentine cards, I took some photographs of little plastic animals.

For my monkey/chimpanzee/gorilla loving little brother.

For my mom.

For my actually 'lego loving' brother, but he likes polar bears too.

For my 'used to want to be a herpetologist' brother.

For my dad.

Hope everyone had a day filled with Valentine Sweets!

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  1. I like the pictures. Those yummy-looking chocolate hearts are making me hungry :) And I love all the cute little animals.