October 13, 2009

Systematically methodical... semi-organized... utterly confused?

When you enter a corn maze, you start out with the map. You mark off the paths you have already covered, and circle the areas where you need to go. Fifteen minutes later... you are bit confused, yet still on track. After an hour... you are utterly lost. Aimlessly you wander through the monotonous rows of corn stalks desperately searching for an exit. Suddenly, when all hope seems lost, you turn the corner and see... the end! You are finally out!

(this may not look very tall, but it was more than twice my height!)

Maybe I exagerated just a litttttle teensy bit. OK, a lot. I really did have a good time. I even took a gorgeous leaf home to press.


  1. Shhh, daughter...it was freshly wound when I wound it. Spelling check might be in order :)

  2. Forgot to mention...very nice texture & color of that bottom photo!