February 21, 2011

Hmmm... It's been a week since Heart Day...

It has officially been a week since Valentine's Day. Maybe I should post about it. Yes. I think that's a good idea. December 23rd was a long time ago...
Here's what I've been up to...

My Valentine cards this year were very similar to last year's. I took a couple of plastic animals, set em' up on a decorative paper and snapped a couple of photos. Then I had this crazy idea that I could sell them at my co-op. Ha! I printed out at least 16 sets of 5 and only ended up selling three. I wasn't very prepared anyway.
Here's a couple of close ups...

I basically had four different sets of animals: Woodland, Wild, Farm and Dog. Woodland was probably my favorite.

Packaging was a little tricky. I tried wrapping the sets in tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbon, yarn... None of it worked. Finally, I found some little cellophane jewelry envelopes. They ended up looking very nice. Professional was the look I was aiming for.

Hope you had a Heart Day filled with love!


  1. great work Anya. Thanks for the valentine.

  2. Very beautiful. Now you have to do more with a different theme.

  3. Those are beautiful cards! I love the one with the baby deer :)